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toddler mary janes

4 Gifts Toddler Girls Love

Whether it is a birthday, Easter, Christmas, Halloween, or other celebration that deserves a gift, choosing the right item for your toddler is important. You want to see the excitement beam off of her face as she unwraps the paper from the gift. Choose one of the four gifts listed here and you can ensure that she will love what she sees when the paper comes off.

toddler mary janes

1.    Shoes: Toddler girls have a fashion sense already and love shoes. Purchase a popular style of shoes like the toddler mary janes to really light her heart on fire -and match more of her outfits. Take her into the shoe store for a foot measurement if you’re unsure what size shoe she wears.

2.    Baby Doll: Toddlers love baby dolls. Take her personality into consideration when choosing a doll. There are plenty of dolls that cry, talk, and even crawl and walk so choose wisely. Dolls are sold in all price ranges, do prepare ahead of time.

3.    Music: Toddlers love music. If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands and it’s a toddler party. You can always make a toddler happy with the gift of music, whether providing the little one with a kiddie instrument or their own musical components to jam along to.

4.    Jewelry: Again, faux is best when gifting jewelry to a toddler. But, reset assured she will love nothing more than playing dress up in all of her amazing pieces of jewelry. Bracelets, rings, and necklaces are among the items that will make her day complete when she opens her gift.

Choose any of these gifts for your toddler girl and you’ll be the best gift giver she’s ever known. You just can’t go wrong when you gift her with any of these awesome goodies!