Don’t Squirm But You Guys Really Should Be Wearing Your Hats

Imagine one day your boss walks into the office on a fine morning and wishes you all; top of the morning to you! And as he does so, he tips his stylish Homburg in a most respectful manner. And then the moment his back is turned, he heads into his office and closes the door behind him, you all end up having a good guffaw on his behalf. Well, alright then, the office should have its lighter moments on occasion.

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Nothing like a good laugh for a moment or two to break the monotony or seriousness of the office or work environment. It is all quite healthy, so rest your consciences on that. But why are you all laughing? Is it the all of a sudden chirpy manner in which your usually stern boss has chosen to greet you? Well, you should be grateful. Even in this day and age, not all bosses acknowledge your presence and contributions like this one does.

Or is it the ‘silly’ hat he’s wearing. Let’s get serious for a moment. Go and have a look at the wholesale hats so long while this note carries on on its merry little way. You thought your boss was old hat? Wearing a Homburg, of all the hats he could have chosen to wear, you thought this guy was really old-fashioned. Let it be known that this leader is something of a trend setter. Didn’t you know? Didn’t you get the memo?

Hats are in again. Have been for a long time, so don’t know where you’se have all been. Anyhow, your boss being the leader, he’s leading by example. Because didn’t you know, wearing a hat is rather healthy for your skin, shading it from the harsh sun and all.