Protective Fire Screens Can Also Be Decorative

decorative fire screen

No doubt, protective fire screens are absolutely necessary. Because the fireplace is located in your living room. It could happen from time to time, usually when you are not looking. Coals could kick up onto the living room carpet and if you are not around to see it happen, a fire could be the next thing. And not easy to control if it gets out of hand. Of course, this does not need to happen when you have your fire screen stationed firmly in front of your fireplace.

And it serves as your protective fire screen. Usually it is made from strong, heavy metals, strong enough to ward off the coals. Of course, you need to be careful how you approach these shields because they could be rather hot to the touch. And you could burn your fingers. Nevertheless, when tending to your fire place, you should be wearing protective gloves in any event. And because the protective fire screen stands prominent in your living room, there is no reason why it should not also serve more than adequately as your decorative fire screen to boot.

It takes a talented artist with a good mix of artisanal skills to mold the metal into a decorative piece. And because most living room fireplaces are just so different in size and decorative creation it makes sense for the creative home remodeler to actively engage with the artist. You commission the artist to create the fire screen. These days, it is not necessary for the artist to come on over to give your fire place a physical inspection.

Because sure enough, you are talented and able enough to provide your commissioned artist with the correct measurements and specifications for a custom creation.